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Jan Zobel EA

Tax Preparation and Consultations

Click to watch Jan Zobel CBS interviewJan Zobel is a tax practitioner with offices in Oakland and San Francisco California. She has been doing taxes since 1978 and has prepared over 10,000 returns. Jan is an enrolled agent (a tax preparer licensed by the IRS.)

Although she prepares all types of individual returns, Jan specializes in working with self-employed people and independent contractors. Many of her clients are one-person service businesses such as psychotherapists, graphic artists, computer consultants, etc. In addition to doing tax preparation, Jan teaches a 6-hour class called Basic Tax and Recordkeeping Information for Self-Employed People. In recognition of the value of this class to entrepreneurs, the Small Business Administration named Jan Accountant Advocate of the Year. She also is the author of Minding Her Own Business: the Self-Employed Woman's Guide to Taxes and Recordkeeping (SourceBooks) and her tax articles regularly appear in local and national magazines and newspapers.

In addition to preparing tax returns, writing about taxes, and teaching tax classes, Jan offers individual tax consultations. Often these are with newly self-employed people who are confused about their tax obligations. People who have prepared their own tax return and want someone to review it are another group of clients that Jan consults with. She also meets with people who have recently purchased property, either as rental or primary residence.

Jan believes that it's important for her tax clients to be given as much information as they'd like about the tax process. She is a patient and warm educator, who works hard to provide an ethical  business model for her self-employed clients.



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